Wart is a localized skin growth that is secondary to some viral skin infections known as HPV– Human Papillomavirus leading to superficial skin growth. This skin condition spreads by direct skin-to-skin contact but unlike other viral infections, the growth is slow. It is common in school children and in people who work or live in close contact.

Types of warts

  1. Common warts: most common on fingers or toes and around the nails.
  2. Plantar warts: present over the sole of the foot, and are usually in clusters, sometimes these warts are associated with pain.
  3. Plane warts: most common sites are the face, beard area, hands, and shins. They are usually multiple and scattered.
  4. Filiform warts: there are warts with a long thread-like growth, seen commonly over the nose area and face.
  5. Mucosal warts: present in the oral cavity over the lips and mouth.


Considering the ugly features of warts it is an embarrassment and we at Royal Lush have various treatment options to help you get rid of this condition. Treatment options are either topical medications that are applied over the area or some dermatological procedures for quick removal like Cryotherapy which freezes the wart’s growth and is done in multiple sessions. Another option that is performed more frequently is Electrosurgery used for prompt removal in large and resistant warts. Occasionally, our doctors recommend HPV vaccines in resistant cases of anogenital warts also.

Mole removal

Most of the moles are harmless and can be safely removed with CO2 laser or electrocautery, but sometimes removal of moles is done to exclude the possibility of any skin cancer which is performed by excision biopsy. At Royal Lush, Mole surgery is performed by a doctor and all the specimens are sent to a pathology lab to exclude any malignant changes.

Some precautions are:

  • Always use a sunscreen
  • Cover up with hat, long sleeves
  • In case of any change in color or dimensions or bleeding or pain in mole immediately consult a doctor.