Stretch marks are such a common problem that millions of people generally face. Stretch marks or striae is a form of skin scarring that is related to pregnancy, obesity, puberty, and short-term weight gain from bodybuilding or various other physical activities. These marks may arise when the dermis or the middle layer of the skin (that is responsible for maintaining the shape and elasticity of the skin) is stretched more than it can endure. The connective fibers in the skin eventually start breaking up and this, as a result, starts disrupting collagen production and causing scarring. These stretch marks may not cause any adverse effect on the health but can surely let people feel conscious about themselves by feeling their best.

However, regardless of the reason for the stretch marks, there are various stretch mark treatments available such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, a surgical tummy tuck procedure, and a laser stretch mark removal technique that can remove stretch marks completely or partially. Among all of these procedures, the laser stretch mark removal procedure is an advanced treatment that helps to gain back the natural-looking smooth, and clear skin. Hence it is preferred by the majority of people and is a non-invasive procedure and requires no downtime.

Laser stretch marks removal

During a laser stretch marks removal procedure a beam of light is introduced to the affected skin and that removes thin layers of the skin around the stretch marks. The excimer laser is used uniquely to address the issue and the best part of this laser treatment is, it does not burn or cut the affected skin areas like other laser treatments. Our skin specialists in Malviya Nagar use technologies that involve high-energy ultraviolet laser light disrupts. A typical molecular bond in the skin tissue breaks down the other molecular bonds in the skin. This process of removing or destroying the tissue layers is popular as skin ablation.

After the completion of the laser treatment for the removal of the stretch marks, the area is aided with certain antibiotic ointments and waited until it completely heals. The healing continues with the formation of new layers of healthy skin which starts appearing and the stretch marks will not be visible on the new healthy skin.

Benefits of the laser stretch mark removal

The highlighting benefit of the laser stretch marks removal is highly effective. This treatment has a very high rate of patient satisfaction as it is an extremely safe procedure. Since excimer laser is a precisely controlled technique so there is a minor chance to cause injury to the area of treatment. Finally, it includes the least recovery period or downtime than any other surgical procedure.

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