The need for pediatric dermatology experts is huge. We comprehend your worry when it comes to babies and their sensitive skins. A pediatric dermatologist is an affirmed authority for the treatment of wide scopes of conditions, with the most explicit being bacterial, contagious, and viral contaminations; hemangiomas, and atopic dermatitis. As one of the best skin specialists in Lajpat Nagar (South Delhi), we are committed to furnishing individuals with the best upkeep of skin’s wellbeing utilizing non-obtrusive treatment. Any harm caused to your skin because of sun/contamination, climate change, air allergens, and a huge number of cures can be restored successfully by taking an exhortation from a dermatologist in Lajpat Nagar.

What are the benefits?

Paediatric dermatology manages the dermatological or skin issues that youngsters face. A paediatric dermatologist finds and treats the skin, hair, and scalp states of kids and babies. He/She recommends treatment and proposes medicinal or surgical care for skin conditions, for example, moles and different sores of the skin. Youngsters having dermatological conditions can accept counsel and advantage from the experience and aptitude of perceived doctors. Dr. Syed Nazim’s Royal Lush skin clinic is outstanding amongst other skin facilities in Lajpat Nagar offering consultancy on paediatrics dermatology. Children who have common dermatological conditions can exploit the capability of particular doctors. In spite of the fact that grown-ups may build up certain grumblings however they contrast impressively when managing a skin issue in adolescence. Dermatologists in Lajpat Nagar offer medicines with the assistance of cutting-edge advances.

How safe is the treatment?

The treatment suits the skin of a youngster or an immature. The measurements are reliant on the heaviness of the youngster. Subsequently, it is significant that skin infections in children are treated by profoundly experienced dermatologists who have a skill in this field.

Caring Treatment for Paediatric Skin Conditions and Dermatology

Paediatric dermatology primarily focuses on the treatment of children from birth to their young years, as it is the most widely recognized time for skin issues. During this age, normal sicknesses like ringworm, chickenpox, skin inflammation, dermatitis or pigmentations can happen.

What are the common Paediatric skin disorders?

Newborn children are especially defenseless to skin inflammation. The most ordinarily seen paediatric skin issues are vascular (red) pigmentations, moles or moles, skin rashes, poison ivy, ringworm, hives, and support top. Skin inflammation can likewise show up in youth and cause scarring influencing the confidence of children. Dr. Syed Nazim is perhaps the best dermatologist in Lajpat Nagar offering quality skin medications.

What Paediatric Dermatology treatments are offered at our Clinic?

We have incredible restorative offices and are occupied with offering finding and treatment for different paediatric skin issue, for example, skin inflammation, skin break out, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, inborn skin sensitivities, and expulsion of pigmentations, moles and vascular (red) moles. Little kids are inclined to get eager as they are not ready to respond to the therapeutic inquiries appropriately or convey, in this manner, need uncommon consideration. Our therapeutic group has rich involvement with managing children and makes each conceivable move to make them feel much improved. We give a scope of both careful and non-intrusive methodology to treat a wide range of skin maladies. Skin masters in Lajpat Nagar are prepared from top most establishments and make sure to treat all skin conditions stylishly.

Skin Infections, Diagnosis and Treatments

Skin is the biggest organ of the body and fills in as different capacities going as an epithelial boundary to keeping up internal heat level. Skin illnesses are regularly happening sicknesses in paediatric age gathering and sums to most extreme paediatric visits in India. This is all the more so in light of the fact that a youngster’s skin is increasingly fragile when contrasted with grown-ups and henceforth are progressively inclined to any diseases. Additionally, on a youngster’s body, finding a knock, rash, red imprint, or zit is definitely more typical instead of not discovering one. A large portion of these are not genuine; at the same time, not many of them might be related with concern and ought to be managed expeditiously in which cases visiting a paediatric dermatologist can spare time. In India, skin illnesses fundamentally show as contaminations and perversions, which are optional to contaminations in the body however interestingly, dermatologists can speedily analyze and treat skin ailments. Be that as it may, general mindfulness among guardians can help in early determination and opportune administration of these infections. The most ideal method for getting skin illnesses treated is getting it treated in perfect time, to maintain a strategic distance from spread to different regions inside the patient’s body.

Bacterial Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment in Children


Impetigo is a transferable, shallow contamination of the skin progressively regular in kids (explicitly 2-to 5-year-olds) than in grown-ups which are brought about by Streptococcus (strep) and Staphylococcus (staph) microscopic organisms. The advancement of Impetigo is most potentially to occur in warm and moist atmosphere and is spread by close contact (like between relatives). The illness being transferable spreads in children even from sharing toys, towels or toiletries. There are two types of impetigo for example Nonbullous and Bullous impetigo. The Nonbullous impetigo is normally displayed by little red papules like creepy crawly nibbles which rapidly develop into modest rankles and afterward to pustules that in the long run scab over with a nectar hued hull. While the Bullous impetigo looks like delicate rankles loaded up with clear yellow-hued liquid.

Clinical conclusion of impetigo sickness is simple by evaluating the influence territory and if the disease continues repeating. Further tests might be requested to discover if illness happened because of another skin condition, for example, scabies. Parent, patient or guardian is explored about any ongoing bug chomps, cuts, or to the influenced territory, to discover the accurate reason for the condition. During finding, the crusted territory will be tenderly cleaned with a swab to check which germ is causing impetigo and which anti-toxin or treatment type is well on the way to work. Without treatment, impetigo can get tainted, and confusions may result. The medicinal treatment for impetigo relies upon the sort and seriousness of side effects, yet can be effectively treated. Treatment for impetigo targets expelling outsides, accelerate recuperating, improve skin’s appearance, and anticipate spread of contamination and intricacies. Remedy quality anti-infection and topical balm guided by research center outcomes help mend impetigo totally and rapidly. For mellow impetigo contamination, a delicate skin purging routine can be prescribed. There might be a spinning worry about whether impetigo will leave scars? There are uncommon odds of imprints left as the rankles and outside layers of impetigo are shallow and for the most part don’t leave scars. Influenced skin seems red for some time after the hulls evaporate, however this redness blurs in a few days. Impetigo would possibly be able to be counteracted by following routine hand-washing. On the off chance that the indications of disease appear, contaminated territory ought to be secured with swathe during this time. A dermatologist, essential consideration specialist or paediatrician, comprehensively just as routinely can oversee treatment of impetigo.


A seldom called Ecthyma is the medicinal term utilized for a rash like impetigo or a ulcerative type of impetigo, however the disease punctures in the skin all the more profoundly. Advancement of Ecthyma is probably going to happen in a damp environment, sick cleanliness, or long-standing nasopharyngeal carriage of staphylococci. Little, shallow, overripe, punched-out ulcers with thick, darker dark outside layers normally describe ecthyma, that reason gentle torment or distress in the influenced zone. Scratching may cause spread contamination, in the encompassing just as non-encompassing skin. Conclusion of Ecthyma is directed by trademark appearance. Societies of injuries are shown under examples of patients not reacting to empiric treatment. A successful course of treatment for Ecthyma incorporates Topical, fusidic corrosive or some of the time oral anti-infection agents. With opportune and suitable treatment pursues brief recuperation. Deferral in restorative help can cause furunculosis, lymphangitis, cellulitis, and hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation with or without scarring. When in doubt of care, make a point to wash the influenced region tenderly with a cleanser and water a couple of times each day to throw away any coverings.


Microscopic organisms on the skin can contribute towards disease of at least one hair follicle. A hair follicle is a piece of skin or connective tissue that controls hair development. There are 3 various types of diseases that are activated with ulceration in follicles: Folliculitis: State of irritation of a hair follicle. Furuncle: This is a type of disease of the hair follicle that settles further into the layers of skin. A little heap of white-yellow shading discharge (canker) structures which is otherwise called a bubble.

Carbuncle: This is described by a bunch of ulcerated hair follicles with discharge. A carbuncle is greater and more profound than a funnel.One upsetting component about these skin diseases is that these can show up anyplace on the skin where there is hair. The primary driver of trigger is collection of over the top perspiration and scouring. It happens frequently at the back of the neck, armpits, midsection, crotch, rear end or face. Microscopic organisms called Staphylococcus aureus (staph) is the most widely recognized reason for folliculitis, furuncles, and carbuncles in a youngster, while anybody can be at a hazard to build up these viruses. Children might be more in danger on the off chance that the person in question:

  • Has close contact with somebody with furuncle, carbuncle or skin boil
  • Has skin wounds, for example, creepy crawly nibbles, cuts or scratches
  • Has frail safe framework or other skin diseases
  • Is getting IV drug
  • Has wash in untreated hot tub or spa water

A solitary or gathering of skin injuries that are red, swollen, warm, flawed (discharge) and agonizing show these diseases. Influenced individuals may likewise feel fever and chills with low pulse and quick heart beat. A physical assessment of the skin is performed to affirm folliculitis, furuncles, and carbuncles. An example of the discharge from the disease can be sent to a lab to perceive what kind of microorganisms caused the contamination and as needs be helped the specialist choose the best treatment. Treatment for folliculitis, furuncles, and carbuncles treated will rely on the side effects, age, and wellbeing conditions and obviously how serious the sickness is. Gentle Folliculitis and furuncles may head out with no treatment. Packs may assist quiet with offing manifestations and speed recuperating. Moderate to extreme Folliculitis, furuncles and carbuncles are regularly treated by entry point and depleting, where a medicinal services supplier cuts into the injury and channels the liquid (discharge) out. A medicine by mouth (oral) or in a vein (IV) may likewise be given. To help anticipate these diseases, make a point to clean and ensure any skin wounds, utilize clean razors, nails removed short and remain from others with these contaminations and you are amended. In any case, don’t leave the conditions untreated as they may prompt potential confusions of returning contamination, spreading to different pieces of the body and scarring.

Dermatitis/Peri Anal Streptococcal Infections

Peri Anal Streptococcal is a disease of the butt and rectum brought about by the germ called Streptococcus. There are options names utilized for the sickness, for example, Streptococcal proctitis; Perianal streptococcal dermatitis, Proctitis – streptococcal. The issue for the most part happens in youngsters, ordinarily during or after strep throat, nasopharyngitis, or impetigo. Kids may wind up callusing the skin around the butt while cleaning the region utilizing a cruel bathroom tissue, by scratching with hands that have microorganisms or not appropriately washed the crap. On the off chance that there is tingling, draining or torment in the defecation or cut off redness around the rear-end, it might demonstrate the issue.

The social insurance supplier may request a few tests or tests including:

  • Skin culture from rectal zone
  • Rectal swab culture
  • Throat culture

Diaper Dermatitis

Diaper dermatitis happens because of delayed contact with skin and face and numerous cases get tainted optionally with microbes and candida albicans. These dermatitis conditions are some way or another in either route identified with diapers that the infant wears and there are three principle sorts of diaper dermatitis for example abrading dermatitis, aggravation contact dermatitis and candida diaper dermatitis.

  • Abrading dermatitis: It is by and large found in regions which are increasingly inclined to rubbing and where ordinary skin contact happens like the inward surface of thighs, genitalia and bum. It shows emissions and gentle scaling which comes and goes rapidly. Visit changing and great cleanliness yields great reaction and help and no such drug is required.
  • Aggravation contact diaper dermatitis:it primarily includes the raised surfaces of the perineal territory, the bum, the vulva, the perineal region, the lower stomach area and the proximal thighs with the intertriginous wrinkles being saved. The reason for this issue can be followed by contact with proteolytic compounds present in stool and various types of synthetic aggravations, for example, cleansers, cleansers, disinfectants and other topical arrangements. The steady utilization of diapers can likewise prompt extreme warmth, dampness and sweat maintenance locally.
  • Candida diaper dermatitis: It is described by raised edge and sharp edge with white scales on the fringe and pinpoint pustular vesicular satellite sores which are additionally the analytic trademark. It is a burly red erythema and is across the board on the lower midriff, rear end and internal parts of thighs. Candida albicans is found in the dung, along these lines the lower digestive tract goes about as an essential wellspring of candida diaper dermatitis.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis: The sign of seborrheic dermatitis of the diaper area is the trademark nearness of salmon – hued, oily plaques with yellowish scales and having a predilection for intertriginous region. Synchronous association of the scalp, face, neck, post auricular and flexural regions helps in determination.
  • Erythema toxicum neonatorum: Erythema toxicum neonatorum (ETN), is an idiopathic, asymptomatic, benign,self-constraining, cutaneous emission in full term babies, found as a rule on trunk and proximal limits, maintaining a strategic distance from the soles and palm territory. The rashes are self-discharging and the majority of them eliminate in 6-12 days. No treatment is vital for this as the sores relapse in 6 to 12 days.
  • Ringworm : Ringworm skin illness has nothing to do with worms. The causative operator of ringworm is a typical parasite that contaminates the skin and causes a layered and raised red fix that structures on the tainted territory. It is profoundly infectious, and ringworm can spread by contact or by offering garments in contact to the contaminated region. By and large, applying an antifungal cream to the affected territory for a delayed period until the disease dies down is the treatment of decision.
  • Fifth infection: Fifth sickness is brought about by Parvovirus B19. It is a very regular sickness that is normally gentle and settles with no treatment. It ordinarily starts with influenza like side effects. A “slapped cheek appearance” that is nearness of a brilliant red rash on the cheeks is the characterizing highlight and a rash on the body follows. Since fifth ailment is brought about by an infection, endorsing anti-infection agents assume no job in the treatment. Parvovirus B19 can be hazardous to pregnant females, thus it’s imperative to visit a medicinal services proficient on account of introduction.
  • 6th sickness or Roseola: Roseola is a gentle ailment of viral etiology. The contamination regularly happens in newborn children and presents with a high fever, which follows a non-irritated rash with a silky example. The fever goes on for a few days and afterward settles; nonetheless, it is critical to take note of that ordinarily, the fever and rash don’t happen simultaneously. The rash shows up on the middle or trunk first and afterward spreads to the remainder of the body surface. Periodically, such high-grade fever can trigger a scene of seizure in youngsters, yet this happens less usually.

Milia Rubra or Prickly heat (Heat Rash or Summer Rash)

Youthful infants frequently get heat rash. Blocked perspiration organs cause heat rash, which brings about a red pimply ejection on the head and neck. It’s imperative to dress your baby suitably (not very hot and not very cold) to forestall the ejection. By and large, heat rash purposes without anyone else. Epidermis and its extremities are not very much separated during childbirth, especially in instances of preterm babies which regularly prompts sweat maintenance wonder which are vesicular ejections followed by maceration and check of eccrine perspiration organs as the pipes of the perspiration organs are generally juvenile. They are progressively regular in the initial not many weeks. They are chiefly of two sorts, miliaria crystallina (sudamina) are clear liquid filled pinpoint vesicles which are shallow and milia rubra (prickly heat)is seen as little erythematous, macules, papules, vesicles or papulovesicular. Treatment is coordinated towards limiting overabundance warmth and mugginess. Lightweight cotton garments and cool showers are pushed and typically there is no need of any treatment or drug.

Herpes zoster (Shingles)

Herpes zoster, or shingles, is caused because of reactivation of the varicella-zoster infection (chickenpox). The infection causes an excruciating rash of little rankles on a piece of skin anyplace on the body. On certain events, there can be torment for a drawn out timeframe considerably after the rash dies down. When an individual has had chickenpox, the infection dwells torpid in the nerves. On the off chance that the infection gets reactivated sometime down the road, it causes shingles. Herpes zoster is generally increasingly basic in individuals with traded off insusceptible frameworks or beyond 50 years old. It is uncommon in kids, and, after it’s all said and done, the side effects are mellow when contrasted with grown-up. Be that as it may, Children who have discouraged safe frameworks can encounter the equivalent, or extreme, indications as grown-ups. Herpes zoster frequently happens on the storage compartment and rear end, yet can likewise show up on the arms, legs, or face. The side effects fluctuate according to individual and every kid may encounter various manifestations. The ordinarily exhibiting manifestations may incorporate skin excessive touchiness in the regions influenced by herpes zoster. Gentle rash, that shows up following five days and at first looks like little, red spots transform into rankles, which generally dies down over seven days. The injuries are constantly one-sided in introduction attributable to the inclusion of explicit nerves. Determination of herpes zoster is generally clinically acquired by an ongoing medicinal history of the youngster and playing out a physical assessment. Conclusion may likewise incorporate skin scrapings (delicately scratching of the rankles to decide the infection type) and Blood tests. Explicit treatment plan for herpes zoster must be dictated by a doctor dependent on the kid’s age, fundamental wellbeing, therapeutic history, seriousness and degree of the condition and the kid’s resilience and consistency for the explicit medication system and methods just as the normal result for the course of the illness. The Child or parent’s inclination can likewise be considered while figuring a treatment plan. Drugs can just assist in lightening a portion of the torment, however the viral condition needs to experience its course. Prompt treatment with antiviral medications may decrease a portion of the manifestations. Medication measurement and sort of medicine will be dictated by a doctor dependent on the age of the youngster or body surface region and the seriousness of the sickness.


Measles is brought about by a solitary stranded ribonucleic corrosive (RNA) infection of the family Paramyxoviridae. Contamination starts in the nasopharyngeal epithelium and less generally through the conjunctivae. Transmission of measles is basically by means of respiratory beads and less usually by little molecule pressurized canned products. The brooding time frame is around 10 to 14 days. The infection enters the lymph hubs and lymphatics and duplicates inside the reticuloendothelial framework which brings about ensuing viremia. The infection then spreads to various lymphoid tissues and different organs, including the skin, liver, and gastrointestinal tract. Insusceptibility to measles is interceded by cell-intervened, humoral, and mucosal reactions. Measles antibodies are liable for assurance from future contamination or re-disease over the span of life. The old style highlights of measles are fever and hack, coryza, and conjunctivitis. The pathognomonic spots called Koplik detects, that are typically prodromal in nature and presents with intersperse, dim white to erythematous papules spread on the buccal mucosa in the back molar locale. It starts on the face particularly the temple, hairline, and behind the ears, and spreads descending onto the storage compartment and furthest points.


warts are caused by viruses and are small sized skin bumps. They are caused by human papillomavirus. Warts can spread both from person to person and to other parts of the body of the same individual. Most common site of occurrence of warts is hand, but they can occur anywhere. Many resolve on their own, but there are over-the-counter medications available to speed up resolution and treatment may take weeks.

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis shows up as a gathering of little red pimples or knocks on a skin surface presented to a type of allergen. These allergens can be because of explicit nourishments, moisturizers, synthetic compounds, or plants, for example, poison ivy. The rash begins inside one to two days of introduction, contingent on the affectability and can keep going for whatever length of time that the presentation with the allergen proceeds or until it recuperates, which as a rule takes one to about fourteen days. Topical antihistamines or steroids may diminish the indications.