If you’ve ever noticed tiny, white bumps on your skin and wondered what on earth they were and how best to tackle them, we have answers.
Known as ‘milia’, these small bumps are not to be confused with acne or whiteheads.
Milia are medically known as ‘milium cysts’ and it is important to understand that they are a tiny form of cyst rather than whiteheads, which they are sometimes confused with.
Milia occurs when the sweat glands become trapped with oil and keratin. They can become quite hard and prominent and although they may pass away eventually, they could last for years.

If you’re keen to tackle your milia, Dr. Syed says laser offers the ultimate treatment, as it not only destroys the cysts but also stimulates the skin’s healing and cell renewal, so the skin looks healthier.
Other options for medical treatment of milia are microcautery, or micro-needling / blading to incise and remove the collection of sebum.
If these treatments are not what you’re looking for, or for less severe cases, intensive exfoliation treatments such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion can be helpful.
This is done by stripping away the outer surface and clearing blocked pores for fresher skin. Exfoliation also stimulates cell renewal for clearer, healthier skin.