A Dimple smile is always attractive as compared to the non-dimpled smile. Dimples have long been considered beautiful. The only issue that lies here is that they occur naturally. Only 20% of the human population has naturally occurring dimples. The remaining 80% are left wanting them desperately with the help of dimple creation in Delhi. Therefore, we have perfected the art of dimple creation (and removal) surgery in Delhi!

A dimple (also known as gelatin) is a small natural indentation, most notably in the chin or on the cheek. Very few people are lucky to have a dimple on their cheeks. Although seeking services for dimple creation surgery in Delhi can help you get permanent dimples through a quick and simple procedure. At Royal Lush, we can aesthetically enhance your face by adding a dimple and which will brighten your smile. It takes 20-30 minutes for the whole procedure and you can go home right away after the procedure.

We at Royal Lush, have a very new innovative method for dimple creation which is performed under local anesthesia with just a surgical suture. Unlike other clinics, it is a comfortable method designed to get optimum results with patient comfort, prompt recovery, and no downtime.