As we age, our skin tension and elasticity steadily decreases and the subcutaneous tissue gets thinner. The body’s ability to produce the natural moisturising factors diminishes and our skin loses its natural elasticity and suppleness. As a result, wrinkles appear with the slow-down of cellular regeneration. At Royal Lush Clinic, we have several treatments to slow down the ageing process and help you retain your youthful glow.


For anti-ageing treatment in Delhi, the injecting procedure is a natural purified protein that relaxes facial muscles and smoothens the facial dynamic lines,wrinkles and furrows. It is a short duration procedure and is suitable for people from 18-65 years of age. Results last for 4-9 months. It has excellent effects on lines around the eyes, frown lines and forehead lines. It can also be used for slimming the face, sculpting the jawline, relaxing the neck bands, eyebrow reshaping and to uplift the drooping corners of the mouth. Anti-wrinkle injection can also be used to treat a condition called hyperhidrosis where excessive sweating occurs on the palms, soles and underarms.

At Royal Lush Skin Clinic, we offer you the best anti-wrinkle injection treatment which helps to give you a naturally looking younger and a fresher look.


As quoted amongst the best dermatologists in south delhi, we also have Dermal Injections that are a safe non-surgical treatment option for the amelioration of wrinkles and improvement of facial contours.They impart a natural lift by giving shape and volume to the desired part of the face. They contain the body‘s own natural constituent and hyaluronic acid.This quick and safe procedure corrects moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds such as laugh lines and drooping lip corners. The result is instantaneous and gratifying and produces a long-lasting natural enhancement.

At Royal Lush, we offer you the best range of Dermal Injections for redefining your lips to make them look fuller, PLUMPER and more luscious.

Our approach is to help you get rid of your laugh lines (nasolabial folds) to help you acquire that attractive smile you have always yearned for. The excessive under eye hollowness and dark circles can be corrected easily at Royal Lush Clinic located in Saket, South Delhi. The results are instantly visible and last for more than a year. The procedure is very safe and takes around 20 to 30 minutes The entire face can be nonsurgically contoured by reshaping the chin, cheeks, temples and lips to give you a flawless look.


Non Surgical Hair Regrowth & Hair Loss Treatment. In the course of Non Surgical Hair Regrowth & Hair Loss Treatment Therapy, with high concentration of autologous platelets is generated from your own blood. This platelet concentrate contains many growth factors in high concentration which are responsible for cell regeneration.

Consequently, with the Non Surgical Hair Regrowth & Hair Loss Treatment Therapy the ageing process of the skin can be slowed down by means of autologous active substances in a biological way. Platelet Rich facilitates cell growth and collagen production.

Depending on the skin condition and treatment targets, Non Surgical Hair Regrowth & Hair Loss Treatment can be applied by means of microneedling, electroporation or microinjections.

As autologous substances are used, this therapy form is particularly biocompatible. Consequently Non Surgical Hair Regrowth & Hair Loss Treatment therapy is especially well suitable for people with allergies or who are sceptical about synthetic substances.

The vampire facial works well in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, acne scars, open pores and uneven skin tone. The sessions are spaced monthly and would require a minimum of 3 sessions to get adequate results.